Half Life - 33 - locked up

Half Life - 33 – locked up June 11th, 2021 It starts with a small prick, followed by a gentle insertion. Once in deep enough it is withdrawn and replaced with a plastic tube. The canula signals the start of another treatment cycle, with slightly salty water dripping into an arm until the radioactive injection is pushed in, kept company by yet more saline. Left alone with a book, a water jug, and the bag on a stand, the radioactive isotope is, with luck, finding its way through arteries and veins to kill Nobby the cancer with miniature radioactive explosions. The technician, Geiger counter in hand, comes in every half an hour, stands a carefully measured metre away, checks the radioactivity is at the right levels, and to encourages me to go to the toilet. Blood spurting from the hole in my arm as the canula is removed, putting the future of a decent shirt in doubt, provides the most excitement my small cell had seen all day.

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