Half Life - 35 - cards and letters

Half Life – 35 – cards and letters June 25th, 2021 The horse sticks its tongue out when it’s opened, a perfect card from Older Boy as the silliness mixes with the sincerity of words inside. His skill of lightening the mood with a joke or prank when the world became too serious showed itself when he was a baby and he’s had us laughing ever since. Younger Boy was not to be outdone, spent the whole day prancing about in a home-made superhero consume, involving a sheet, a lot of paper stuck together with Sellotape, and an ever-changing range of bizarre superpowers, added to a day of smiles. His card listed all the qualities I wish I had and could pass on to them. A bitter-sweet Father’s Day for all of us, the realities my cancer still raw for them, so finding the right words for their cards could not have been easy. I’m glad they didn’t see me crying in the bathroom, they had wanted to make me laugh all day, and they did.

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