Half Life - 37 - soggy Tuesday

Half Life – 37 – soggy Tuesday July 9th, 2021 Frantic knocking, moments after The Boys had shouted their goodbyes as they walked out the door, was the signal that a sports kit was to be saved from being forgotten. The shudder of the front door’s second slamming that morning reverberated around the house. Minutes later The Wife sped off, excited to be heading into London to meet her team face to face, rather than screen to screen, for the first time in months. JJ the dog, already comfortable in her favourite place in the hall, the day’s dribbling into The Wife’s slippers well under way, hardly looked up as I informed her it was the two of us alone together again for the day. Like those Halcyon days BC – before covid – the house had emptied in moments and the sudden silence echoed around the walls.

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