Half Life - 40 - isolation Olympics

Half Life – 40 – isolation Olympics July 30th, 2021 Bullseye! A gold medal performance resulted in minimal cleaning up of the radioactive contents of my insides. The odds at the start of the race were not looking good. Speed to the toilet with crutches is more tortoise than hare, making the margins for error slender to non-existent. The first question which crosses your mind as you make it through the door, when the side effects decide to come into their own, is whether the vomiting is going to hold off long enough to allow the horror story at the other end of the intestinal tract to finish and get flushed away. Fortunately, it did. Generously, it also granted a reasonable breather with recovery time between the moment the head needed to point where the bum had been ten minutes earlier. There is a reason, other than the radioactivity, why not sharing a toilet is a good idea when in isolation; there was no way I was leaving this little room for quite some time.

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